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Portrait of Conor Harrison

Mungo Teaching Award: Conor Harrison

When Conor Harrison went to Colgate University as a soccer player, he had no thoughts about becoming a professor — or anything else for that matter. So he majored in political science and worked for a company that sold soccer equipment after he graduated.


Strong suit: Alumni built business with brains and brawn

From humble beginnings, University of South Carolina alumnus Richard Sorin and his son, Bert, have turned Sorinex into one of the nation’s premier strength equipment manufacturers, with clients spanning professional sports and universities from every major athletics conference.

Portrait of Donna Chen

Mungo Distinguished Professor Award: Donna Chen

When Donna Chen first taught physical chemistry at the University of South Carolina, the mood among students could only be described as bleak. Quantum mechanics — the specific focus of the course — has a reputation for being extraordinarily difficult to understand, and the students steeled themselves from day one.

Power lines

UofSC researchers work to develop more resilient power grid

Andrea Benigni and his college in the College of Engineering and Computing's Integrated Grids Lab are working to develop a system that would change the traditional power grid, creating a resilient system of micro-grids that locally manage energy storage and resources.

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