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College of Nursing

BSN Program Information

BSN Curriculum

 Pre-Nursing Lower Division

Semester I - Fall  Semester II - Spring 
*ENGL 101 Critical Reading & Composition   (CMW) 3 *ENGL 102 Rhetoric and Composition  (CMW) & (INF) 3
*CHEM 102 Fundamental Chemistry II  (SCI) 4 NURS 208 Introductions to Nursing Informatics 2
*BIOL 243 Human Anatomy & Physiology I  (SCI) 3 STAT 112 Statistics and the Media or      
CSCE 101 Introduction to Computer Concepts or
CSCE 102 General Applications Programming  (ARP) 
*BIOL 243 L A&P I Lab  (SCI) 1 *PSYCH 101 Introduction to Psychology  (GSS) 3
NURS 112 Introduction to Nursing Profession 2 *BIOL 244 Human Anatomy & Physiology II  (SCI) 3
Elective #1 of MATH 111/MATH 111 (i)
(based on placement exam or credit earned)
Student Choice or Basic College Mathematics
3-4 *BIOL 244 L A&P II Lab  (SCI) 1
    SOCY 101 Introductory Sociology Nursing Requirement 3

In order to enroll in NURS 216 students must earn a C or better grade in BIOL 243/L, BIOL 244/L, and Chem 102.

Semester III - Fall
Upper Division application consideration requires successful completion of
designated (*) courses 
Semester IV - Spring 
*BIOL 250 Microbiology (SCI) 3 NURS 220 Clinical Nutrition 3
*BIOL 250 L Microbiology Lab (SCI) 1 HISTORY  (GHS) 3
PSYC 420 Survey of Developmental Psychology 3 FINE ART  (AIU) 3
*NURS 216 Biophysical Pathology 3 BIOL 206 Genetics and Society Nursing Requirement 3
STAT 205 Elementary Statistics for the Biological and Life Sciences  (ARP) 3 PHIL 213 Communicating Moral Issues  (CMS) & (VSR) 3
FORL 109  (based on placement or earned credit) 0-3 Elective #2 or FORL 110  (based on placement or credit earned) 3

Criteria to apply for Nursing Upper Division:  Enrollment in upper division is competitive and limited. The following criteria are used for admission consideration to the upper division nursing course sequence through a competitive selection process:

  • A progression GPA (which consists of all designated (*) courses above) of 3.000 or higher.
  • Institutional GPA of 3.000 or higher.
  • Grade forgiveness will not be recognized in the GPA calculation.
  • No more than 1 science course or pre-nursing lower division nursing course with a grade of below C.
  • A grade of “C” or better is required in all designated (*) courses by the end of the term in which application is made to upper division.
  • A completed Parallel Plan on file with your nursing advisor by the November application deadline.  
  • Completion of all designated (*) general education and pre-nursing lower division courses by the end of the term in which application is made to upper division.
  • An application must be submitted by the November deadline. 
  • Completion of Holistic Interview with CON faculty. 

Nursing Upper Division

Semester V  Semester VI 
NURS 311 Intro to Health Assessment 3 NURS 400 Evidence Based Practice 3
NURS 312 Foundations of Nursing Practice  
(124 Clinical Hours)
5 NURS 412 Acute Care in Nursing of Adults I
(102 Clinical Hours)
NURS 313 Nursing Care of the Older Adult 3 NURS 424 Maternal/Newborn Nursing
(56 Clinical Hours)
NURS 314 Clinical Reasoning in Nursing Practice 2 NURS 425 Nursing of Children and Families    
(56 Clinical Hours)
NURS 324 Chemical Therapeutics 3    
Semester VII  Semester VIII 
NURS 422 Acute Care in Nursing of Adults II
(103 Clinical Hours)
5 NURS 428 Nursing Leadership & Management 4
NURS 411 Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing
(111 Clinical Hours)
4 NURS 435 Senior Nursing Capstone Practicum 
(275 Clinical Hours)
NURS 431 Population Health Nursing 
(30 Clinical Hours)
4 A minimum of 120 is required for degree completion  


Admission to the baccalaureate degree in nursing major does not guarantee admission to the upper division.  Admission to the upper division is a competitive process and the meeting of minimum admission criteria (GPA of 3.000) does not guarantee admission to the upper division. Students who are not accepted to the upper division should talk with their advisor regarding the feasibility of reapplication.  If the student chooses to reapply to the upper division, the student must submit a new application for the next admission date and must compete with the new applicant group.

Major Map: Nursing (Generic)-Bachelor of Science in Nursing  

Past BSN requirements may be found on the University's academic bulletin.

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